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08.18.19 Town Hall Meeting we Commissioner Kenward
Tuesday, September 13th at 6pm at Westgate Library.

Items for discussion: District 5 Development and Zoning Awareness, city project updates,
financial health of the city, and there will be a time for questions.

07.15.16 Due to complaints from homeowners, the City of Dothan's Ordinance Compliance
Division will be monitoring the Highlands neighborhood for any
yard debris on the
streets or sidewalks
.  They
will issue a warning for the first incident but after subsequent
violations there
may be tickets issued in excess of $100.00. Please reference the March
newsletter for more information on the city code.

An explanation from the Highlands Board of Directors
Several owners have asked why the Board doesn’t plan to submit a bid from the HOA for $1.2
M for the land purchase from Mr. Wheelless.  The Board would like to provide a little more
insight into their decision:

After receiving the letter from Mr. Wheelless, the Board’s representative consulted with Cliff
Mendheim, the HOA attorney.  The previous vote had been based on the premise that
multifamily apartments were going to be built on the land.  When Mr. Hall terminated his
option to buy the land, Mr. Wheelless decided that instead of selling to the HOA for $1.2M he
would accept other bids but with the restriction of no multifamily development.  While his
letter is not binding, we feel that he expressed his honest desires on this matter.  That
changed the potential development of the land ---- and the basis of the homeowner’s previous

The vote in May reached the required majority (51% of owners who were entitled to vote) by
only a few votes.  Several homeowners that had voted yes communicated that they did so in
effort to stop multifamily housing from being developed in front of the Highlands but they
would not oppose a development other than multifamily.  A change in a few votes from “yes”
to “no” would have resulted in less than the required majority.

As the Board, we cannot be biased; our decisions have to be based on what is best for our
HOA and the desire of the majority of the owners.  If enough owners feel strongly that we
need to hold another vote about an HOA bid on the property, the Board will accommodate the
voting process.  But at this time, fewer than a dozen people have indicated that they want to
have another Special Meeting for the purpose of voting.  

Please call your neighborhood representative or Regency Multifamily Services or post a
message on our website at if you have any questions,
concerns or comments you would like to share with your Board or neighbors.